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CKWF-12 Outdoor Intelligent Vacuum Load Break Switch

CKWF - 12 outdoor intelligent medium voltage vacuum load break switch (hereinafter referred to as load break switch), is a new product developed by Zhuhai Comking electric co., LTD. on the basis of the study of similar products at home and abroad. It is used for three-phase AC 50 Hz, 3-12 kV voltage distribution circuit with functions of manual and automatic operation. Load break switch can be equipped with SPS power transformer, intelligent controller CWFC - 1 supporting installation, in 3 to 12 kV power grid, it not only can realize automatic diagnosis fault, automatic isolation fault, automatic recovery non-fault line in power grid without communication line equipment, but also can realize automation of remote control and computer control through the control unit of main mother station and substation by connecting with communication system to reach comprehensive power supply.

CKWF-12 outdoor intelligent medium voltage load break switch is applied to transformer, industrial and mining enterprises, agricultural electric power grid for protection and control, agricultural automation distribution network and frequent operation sites. 

Product Features

The switch adopts vacuum arc extinguishing, zero gage pressure SF6 gas insulation, which improved breaking performance of the switch and insulation, anti-corrosion of the internal components.

There are two fractures inside the switch (isolation brake, vacuum arc extinguishing chamber), and these two fractures linked and moved together, and there is time difference between opening and closing fracture (first opening and then closing for vacuum arc extinguishing, first closing and then opening for isolation brake), which satisfied the requirement of safety operation regulation from electric department and enhanced the safety of the switch.

The energy storage of the switch adopts the combination of spring mechanic energy storage and magnetic mechanism with free releasing device, the device can store energy automatically with electricity, it is unnecessary to store energy in advance.

Incoming and outgoing cable adopts fully sealed integration cone injection mode, switch mechanism design is fully sealed structure with 15 years of free maintenance.

The switch is equipped with built-in two-phase or three-phase straight-through current transformer, providing closing to keep current and remote survey current when it is short circuit.
Unique “call close, without pressure release” principle can avoid completely the adoption of battery, which can meet the requirement of distribution network automation.

High grade, full sealing aerial plug design and distribution automation connector with high reliability

Structure design is reasonable, convenient installation and flexible manual and automatic operation 


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