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CKWB-12 Outdoor Intelligent Vacuum Circuit Breaker

CKWB-12 outdoor intelligent vacuum circuit breaker is a kind of outdoor distribution equipment with rated voltage 12kV and three phase AC frequency 50Hz which adopts vacuum arc extinguishing with SF6 gas insulation, mainly used to breaking, making load current, overload current and circuit break current in power grid.

It is widely used in transformer station, industrial and mining enterprise, agricultural power grid distribution system for protection, control and frequent operation sites. 

Product Features

CKWB - 12 communication outdoor intelligent vacuum circuit breaker adopts box sealing structure. It has a good sealing performance; it is a kind of free maintenance products.
Perfect protection function
Not only has over-current protection, but also has zero sequence over current protection; it can distinguish fault inside/outside area.
Flexible and convenient operation

Electric energy storage, electric open and close, simultaneously has manual energy storage, manual opening and closing, can operate in close and distant distance.

Excellent breaking performance

The spring operation mechanism adopts straight moving main drive chain and the multistage tripping system, it is with good breaking performance, breaking short circuit 20kA, breaking time is not less than 30 times.

Good performance of insulation

To adopt unique incoming and outgoing cable silicone rubber casing structure, it makes the insulation distance between tubes ample, and running in reliable safety. Even if accident happened, there should be no high temperature or splash leakage from inside.

Reliable sealing performance

It adopts mature sealing structure technology, main circuit and secondary components, operation mechanism are sealed in SF6 gas pressure gauge (zero), sealing performance is reliable.

Flexible installation 

This product adopts pole mounted lifting or standing on base as way of installation which is flexible and convenient.

Reliable and safe in the process of working
Explosion-proof devices are installed on the top of the box body, Even if accident happened, there should be no high temperature or splash leakage from inside.

Powerful communication function

Beneath the operation mechanism, it is equipped with aerial outlet, which is connected with intelligent control to realize remote control, remote communication, remote survey and remote regulating etc. four control functions.  


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