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CKWM-12 Outdoor Intelligent Permanent Magnetic Vacuum Circuit Breaker

CKWM-12 type intelligent permanent magnetic outdoor vacuum breaker adopts unique design of magnetic mechanism vacuum circuit breaker and high reliability CWBC-1 intelligent controller. Mainly applied to medium overhead power grid as the use of opening and closing load current, overload current and short circuit current, it can reclose brake 0-3 time and realize distributed intelligence. And it can also communicate with automatic control system through fiber, GPRS/CDMA, GSM etc. communication mode. It is applied to transformer and industrial and mining enterprises’ distribution system as protection and control use, and more suitable for rural power grid and frequent operation site, especially for urban power network, rural construction and reconstruction. This device has the features of high reliability, long lifetime, small volumn, light weight and convenient installation. 

product feature

1.     Permanent Magnetic mechanism with computer software simulation design ensures no magnetic leakage, less mechanism motion abrasion amid gap, eliminating phenomenon of abrasion and clamping stagnation.

2.     Parameter of mechanism and controller is perfectly compatible, current of open and close is small, and the mechanism operation can still ordinarily work under low voltage.

3.     Lifetime of the circuit breaker is long, operation quantity can be up to 30000 times.

4.     Controller has functions of protection, measurement, three remote functions and distributed intelligence.

5.     It can communicate through fiber, GPRS/CDMA/, GSM etc. supporting IEC61870-5-101 regulations. 


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