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CKPM301A Protection Relay

This device can provide perfect protection, measurement and control function for the 35KV or below voltage level of overhead lines, cable lines, transformers, motors and other equipment. The device can be installed on the switch cabinet, and it can also be used to set up the screen. It can be operated independently, but also can be integrated in the integrated automation system. The device has independent measuring circuit, remote control circuit, circuit breaker control loop. Multi function electrical anti jump circuit can automatically adapt to various types of circuit breakers. Device adopts aluminum chassis plug type structure, which not only ensures the device of strong and weak electricity stand separately, but also make the site maintenance very convenient. Multi-functional electrical anti jump circuit can automatically adapt to various types of circuit breakers.

product feature

CKPM301 uses single chip system, its CPU contains the parts of microprocessor-based resource, such as FLASH ROM,RAM, EEPROM, AD converter, timer, serial port, etc. Due to all connections with the external device is implemented by I/O ports and use various measures for isolation, so CKPM301 can use fewer components, work more stably and with strong anti-interference ability.

CKPM301 has all-metal construction, with simple & rationalization design, and the panel is made of aluminum material with one-step casting. What is more, its depth is just 80mm which is tiny and space-saving for installation.

The high voltage and low voltage components are strictly separated by the hardware design

The low voltage parts are installed on the mainboard and all signal lines is shielded by earthing line. The high voltage parts are installed on the base plate, with short cable routing and wide spacing. The withstand voltage of all external wiring terminal can reach 4000V, excepting for the power terminal which can reach 2000V.

CKPM301 and all external connecting parts adopt isolating treatment

Digital input / output goes through by photoelectric isolation, analog goes through by transformer isolation, tripping output and signal output go through by relay isolation, which can minimize the interference from input/output .

Both of below parts adopts shielding method to prevent high-frequency interference.

----input/output parts of analog via transformer

----input/output parts of switch power

----digital input parts

Both of below parts uses the specialized components to prevent EFT interference, which makes CKPM301 has the excellent performance to prevent transient interference.

----analog input

----digital input

----power input

----communication interface

High-precision clock chip

The clock can keep accurate time more than 10 years even if CKPM301 lose power, because it has spare battery and crystal oscillator inside the clock chip. What is more, as the promise from the clock chip supplier, its annual error won’t exceed 2mins, so it can solve the unpunctual problem when CKPM301 works individually and make accurate record for fault message.

High-precision CT

The iron core of the CT is made of special material, so the CT can’t easily to get saturation state even if the fault current is at high value. Meanwhile, due to the high-precision CT, the action of CKPM301 can be more accurate and has better linearity.

Both of tripping relay and signal relay uses high-power electromagnetic relay

Its contact capacity can be 12A, its withstand voltage between contact and coil can be 5000v, and its action time just need 7ms. Tripping relay can directly act on circuit breaker tripping, and signal contact can drive audible and visual alarm directly.

Breaker control circuit with monitoring function

When tripping circuit or closing circuit of circuit breaker disconnects, CKPM301 will send out warning signal in time. The monitoring circuit can operate by direct power or alternating power; what is more, it is no need to add any components or isolating measure by outside.

Transformer protection function

Both below parts can connect with CKPM301 directly, and it will display the corresponding fault information after adopting the protecting action.

----high temperature protection / over temperature protection of dry-type transformer

----light gas protection / heavy gas protection / temperature protection of oil immersed transformer

----direct power operation / alternating power operation

----110V / 220V power

Wide input voltage for power module

It can not only use for 110V or 220V voltage, but also for direct current power or alternating current power.

Watchdog design

CKPM301 includes external hardware watchdog, CPU hardware watchdog timer and software watchdog. As different watchdogs can monitor each other very well, which make the protection relay won’t crash in any case.

Big LCD display and utility menu operation, it is very conveniently to use and operate

Fault indication and record function

The high capacity NVSRAM is equipped inside CKPM301, it can maximum to record 120 fault messages including time and current value with first-in first-out sequence.

Software with module design

All protecting module with definite time shares program code, all important program segments has multiple redundant back measures and with long-term field operation test, so the program can work stably and reliability.

Communication connection

CKPM301 is equipped with stable RS485 communication interface, which adopts international protocol Modbus IEC870-5-101, IEC870-5-103. It can communicate all messages to SCADA system.