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CKPM502 Switch Controller

CKPM502 boundary switch control device is a new generation of intelligent digital microcomputer protection control device developed by the company according to the characteristics of power distribution network and the development. Currently, the distribution network circuit mainly has cable type, overhead lines & mixed type, the traditional microcomputer protection only adapt to one of the line protection types, and the newly developed switch control device product integrates these two types as a whole. According to different type and switch, different type and function (cable type or mixed type) can be chosen; the device can switch over to corresponding fixed value setting, protection of logic and event etc; any one of the type has the function of phase to phase short circuit protection and zero-sequence protection, zero-sequence protection can be applied for neutral non-grounding, indirection grounding system through compensation winding and Neutral point via small resistance grounding line. CKPM502 boundary switch control device is applied to 35kV and below level protection of transmission and distribution power grid, supporting the use of SF6 gas type switchgear and fixed switchgear etc. with fault self-detecting and control protection functions; temporary fault and permanent fault can be automatically indentified and removed. It is also applied to the protection of distribution boundary users in incoming side, boundary lines and terminal lines. 

product feature

1.The device can be equipped with flexible type of switch; it has two types of switches, they are “cable type” and “mixed type” to choose with corresponding protection functions.
2. Using industrial-grade, high integration, high speed 32-bit ARM embedded processor. It can satisfy both the requirement of real-time, and the protection requirements;
3. The analog input, analog signal sampling uses high-precision 16-bit synchronous sampling AD of 8 roads, at the same time obtain grid three-phase voltage, current signal and the zero sequence voltage current signal, which has features of high accuracy and consistency.
4. The interface uses dot matrix LCD and menu type of operation with friendly interface;
5. Device is installed in the indoor cabinet with small size and powerful functions;
6. Boundary switch control device has the function of phase to phase short circuit protection and zero sequence protection function;
7. SOE event record function can record information stored in the flash memory, record can be stored within 10 years after power off.
8. Input interface: 8 roads photoelectric isolation type of passive switch input;
9. The output interface: 6 road relay output;
10. Open and close function of input
11. The jump function;(optional).
12. Communication circuit adopts RS - 485 (optional);
13. The running microcomputer monitoring, it uses three watchdogs on CPU running monitoring, it has improved the reliability of the system;