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CK SF6 Load Break Switch

CKC-12D and CKF-12D type SF6 load break switches with fuses are new generation switch with miniaturization module solely designed and made by Zhuhai Comking Electric Co., Ltd. It can be equipped with at most 6 units (regardless of CKC-12 or CKF-12) with same bus bar in the same SF6 cabinet; every unit has its own function. When system requires more than 6 units, two or more gas tanks can be linked together by extension of bus bar. Every gas tank can be extended in left and right side according to different design to realize different requirement. The gas tanks from CKC-12D and CKF-12D type SF6 load break switch-combination unit are made by imported stainless steel plate, which is cut by advanced laser technology and welded by fully automatic mechanical arm, the protection level of case can reach IP67. The gas tank filled with SF6 ensures the sealing by simultaneous vacuum pumping and Helium leakage test at the same time. Load break switch, ground switch and fuse tube are sealed in stainless steel tank. At the bottom of the tank, there is explosion-proof hole covered by explosion-proof diaphragm. When the switch has problem to make the pressure inside exceed a certain value, there can be pressure relief from the bottom, which can prevent damage to people, cable and other equipment in transformer substation from high pressure gas.

CKC—12D and CKF-12D type SF6 load break switch-fuse combination unit has advantages of compact structure, full sealing, full insulation, long lifetime, maintenance free, small occupation, reliable safety and not affected by environment . It is widely used in industrial and civil cable network and terminal power supply. Especially applicable for small secondary distribution station, switching station, industrial enterprise, airport, railway, commercial zone, high building, high speed road, subway and tunnel etc.