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ECP-12 Indoor Magnetic Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ECP magnetic vacuum circuit breaker is an advanced technology, which is designed and developed by Zhuhai Comking Electric Co., Ltd, which is the third generation of green environment friendly energy saving switch. ECP 12kV outdoor high voltage permanent magnetic vacuum circuit breaker is composite insulated indoor switch elements, is an optimal control and protection devices in high voltage distribution system. Under normal operating conditions, it can be safely and reliably running in the power grid in the range of the technical parameters of the circuit breaker. ECP type permanent magnetic vacuum circuit breaker is a kind of intelligent switch, which takes into account the needs of various types of users. The switch has an emergency brake device with a manual switching operation hole on the top of the panel, in any emergency situations (especially when no operation power), it can be manually operated to disconnect the circuit breaker. ECP type permanent magnetic vacuum circuit breaker can be widely used in power plant, substation, and industrial and mining enterprises, construction, railway and other power system. I is especially suitable for frequent operation and the use of places such as the environment of metallurgy, petrochemical, mining and other fields.

Solid encapsulated pole:
The conductive part of the vacuum circuit breaker and the ceramic vacuum arc extinguishing chamber are all cast in the polar column of the epoxy resin.
Permanent magnetic operating mechanism:
The core of vacuum circuit breaker, keeping the position and completing the process of contactor’s closing and opening operation. 

Electronic control unit:

To control the closing and opening of the circuit breaker, energy storage and release, and realize varies of flexible locking.
Capacitor group:
High reliable storage power system.
Position detector:
It is used in order to detect the opening and closing position of the switch.
The only pure mechanical unit, which is used to connect the permanent magnetic operation mechanism and the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber.
Emergency brake:
When the control system fails, it can be used to break the circuit breaker with manual tripping operation.