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CKPM602 Distribution Terminal Unit (DTU)

CKPM602 Distribution Terminal Unit (DTU) is a distribution network measurement and control product independently researched and developed by Zhuhai Comking Electric Co.,Ltd., mainly used in 10 KV ring main unit, switching station and power distribution room. CKPM602 DTU can collect remote measurement information of voltage from feeder line, current and remote communication data of switchgear. It can realize the local and remote control of switchgear and the information transmission of fault to distribution automation main station/substation system. It can also realize quiet convenient maintenance of site by feeder line’s fault recognition, positioning, segregation and non-fault zone power recovery under the cooperation with distribution automation main station/substation.

02 boundary switch control device is applied to 35kV and below level protection of transmission and distribution power grid, supporting the use of SF6 gas type switchgear and fixed switchgear etc. with fault self-detecting and control protection functions; temporary fault and permanent fault can be automatically indentified and removed. It is also applied to the protection of distribution boundary users in incoming side, boundary lines and terminal lines. 

Product Features

Data collection and control of multiple lines with high accuracy of measurement

Realization of default inspection, positioning default zone, fault segregation and non-fault zone power recovery with safe and reliable operation

Adaptation to harsh environment with protection level not lower than IP65 standard required by GB/T4208, antimagnetic, quakeproof and moisture-proof

Support on wireless, optical fiber Ethernet RS232/485 and GPRS communication mode

Modular design and flexible capacity extension